Six Smart Tips for a Successful Kitchen Renovation


Keep your kitchen budget appropriately to the price of the home.  If you have a luxury home, be sure that the finishes are conducive to a luxury home.  Do not cut corners on the budget.   On the flip side – if you have a first-time home or smaller condo, etc. – be budget-friendly – but be sure to include at least a feature or two you can’t live without.  Think soft-close doors & cabinets, for instance.


Speaking of soft-close doors and cabinets – they are a must at this point for re-sale these days – at virtually any priced home.  It is expected nowadays.


Smaller kitchens and lower level units with less light – need lighter cabinet colors.  White is an excellent cabinet choice.  It will perceptually expand the space.


Think Open Concept!  So many buyers want their kitchen to open up to the dining room/living room space.  It is better for social occasions and opens up the space to feel larger and brighter.  So don’t be afraid to knock out that wall (be sure it is structurally sound if you do so – consult a licensed structural engineer).


Galley kitchens are less popular, but sometimes all you have to work with.  Be sure to keep 36″ or more between one side to the other for walking space.


While you may want to customize your space – that’s great!  Always think re-sale and consult with a kitchen design expert.  It’s the only way to go!”

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